Audi Intelligent Technologies: A Taste of What's To Come

Current Audi vehicles include technology like Audi PreSense, Audi AI, side assit, and front and active lane assist (among others) that help make everyday driving tasks easier than ever before.

The Future of Audi: Elaine and Aicon

Future Audi vehicles, like the ElAIne and AIcon represent what's to come for Audi - full driving autonomy.

For those unsure, autonomous driving refers to being able to step into your new car and have it do everything, from steering and braking to accelerating. Further down the automated driving spectrum are other levels, though. If fully automated driving is level 4, then there are three other Audi-classified automated driving levels first - conditional automation, partial automation, and driver assistance.

Traffic Jam Pilot is one current Audi technology available on the new A8 that exemplifies level 3. Traffic Jam Assist, also available on the A8, exemplifies level 2. Other driver assistance technologies, like those in the video above, exemplify level 1 automation.

To figure out more about the levels of automated driving and how Audi innovates in each one, visit Day Audi today.

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