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Checking Your Tire's Tread Depth

Bald tires are very dangerous for you and for other people on the road with you. That is the reason why you will want to find the right tires for your needs. Imagine what will happen to your vehicle if the roads become just a little bit slick: bald tires mean that your car will spin out of control.


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Audi Brings the Light -- the LED Light, That Is


All the way back in 1884, Mark Twain wrote in his well-known American classic Huckleberry Finn, "[...] stars and shadows ain't good to see by."


Well, here in 2015, times haven't changed much -- and probably won't any time soon. At Day Audi, we take lighting seriously, not just for our drivers, but for pedestrians and bikers on the roads as well. Being able to see in front of you and behind you is what allows you to prepare for who -- or what -- might come next. Check out the link below, featuring a recent article about one company's…

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Audi Connects You To TT Coupe Engineers

There's a lot of buzz lately about the exciting new 2016 Audi TT Coupe and its innovative new internal and external features, like the revolutionary virtual cockpit infotainment center. Clearly a lot of energy and time went into designing this state-of-the art road model. At Day Audi in Monroeville, PA, we're excited to announce that Audi is giving customers the chance to ask the coupe's engineers questions today through Periscope! Check out Audi's recent Tweet for more info.


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